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Paraseal is a self-sealing sheet waterproofing membrane manufactured to controlled thicknesses of 150 mils to 200 mils of tough, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and expandable granular Bentonite.

The Bentonite, capable of expanding up to 8 times its thickness, is laminated at a rate of up to one pound per square foot to the impermeable HDPE sheet forming a superior Dual Waterproofing System for application to vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Basic Uses:

Paraseal is a waterproofing membrane designed for use on structures below grade or between slab. It is excellent for use on poured and block foundation walls, split slab parking and plaza decks. It has outstanding performance when used under conditions of high water head and installed prior to the concrete pour such as retaining walls, elevator pits, etc.

Paraseal - HDPE / Bentonite Sheet Membrane - Product Information:

Paraseal Spec Sheet
Paraseal LEED Certification
Paraseal MSDS


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