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Insulation can help reduce the heat loss from your structure. Insulation on the inside of the house is typically the most effective. If you do want to add insulation to the outside of your foundation we can help with one of our insulation options.

Insulation Boards Types:

Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Board

Extruded Polystyrene Insulation Boards comes in many differnt thicknesses and types. It is easy to install and adds various R-values based on thickness.

Fan-Fold Insulation / Protection Board

Most fan-fold boards are extruded polystyrene. Fan-Fold Insulation comes in smaller thicknesses and various types. It is easy to install and adds a little insluation value.

Warm-N-Dri Insulation / Protection / Drainage Board

Warm-N-Dri is a pressed fiberglass insulation / protection / drainage board that is used in conjunction with the Tuff-N-Dri Waterproofing System. Warm-N-Dri is avable in three thicknesses.

3/4 inch Warm-N-Dri - (R-3)

3/16 inch Warm-N-Dri - (R-5)

3/8 inch Warm-N-Dri - (R-10)

Insulation / Drainage Compare


Warm N Dri

Fanfold Board


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