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Damp Proofing is the basic coating that is applied to a foundation wall before it is backfilled.

Damp Proofing acts as a vapor retardant barrier and basic water protection (Not Waterproof).

It is a basic code requirement for new construction. Note: Depending on your area, Waterproofing may be required.

2015 International Residential Code®

R406.1 - Concrete and masonry foundation dampproofing. Except where required by section R406.2 to be waterproofed, foundation walls that retain earth and enclose interior spaces and floors below grade shall be dampproofed from the top of the footing to the finished grade. Masonry walls shall have not less than 3/8 inch (9.5 mm) portland cement parging applied to the exterior of the wall. The parging shall be dampproofed in accordance with one of the following:

1. Bituminous Coating.
4. Any material permitted for waterproofing in section R406.2
5. Other approved methods or materials.

Concrete walls shall be dampproofed by applying any one of the above listed materials or any one of the waterproofing materials listed in Section R406.2 to the exterior of the wall.

MulSeal Damp-Proofing Membrane

High Quality, High Performance Water-Based Asphalt Emulsion

pdf MulSeal Spec Sheet
pdf MulSeal MSDS Info
pdf MulSeal ASTM Testing Info


Ashpalt Based Emulsion - VS - Solvent Based Tar (Cutback Asphault)

Q: What is Cutback Asphalt?

A: Cutback Asphalt is created by blending asphalt cement with a petroleum solvent.

Q: What is an Asphalt Based Emulsion (Emulsified Asphalt)?

A: Asphalt Based Emulsions are created by blending asphalt cement with water and an emulsifying agent.

Q: So why choose Emulsified Asphalt Damp Proofing over Cutback Asphalt Damp Proofing?

A: Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Cutback Asphalt Damp Proofing has been largely replaced in the industry with Asphalt Emulsion Damp Proofing products, like MulSeal.
  • Cutback Asphalts contain high amounts of environmentally harmful VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) that evaporate into the atmosphere as they cure.
  • Asphalt Based Emulsions have a very low amount of VOC content and evaporate water into the atmosphere.
Cutback       VOC Content  – about       250 g/L
MulSeal   VOC Content  – less than   14 g/L
  • The solvents used in cutback asphalt take more energy to produce and are more expensive then the water and emulsifying agents in Asphalt Based Emulsions.

In summary Emulsified Asphalts are a better, safer solution for Damp Proofing your structure.


Damp Proof

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