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A system with so many names, but they all do the same job - drain water away from the structure

  • Foundation Drain
  • Footing Drain
  • French Drain
  • Pipe and Gravel system
  • Strip Drain

But the one Rocky Mountain Waterproofing prefers to install is called Strip Drain

It is an engineered system to replace standard gravel and pipe systems but without the expensive labor of install

  • It was built with higher absorption rating to allow it to collect the water more efficiently and without the aid of gravel in most cases.*
  • It also is structurally stronger to not crush under soil pressure to continue its primary function for many years to come. Since it is stronger, it also does not need gravel so long as it is installed vertically against the wall at the base of wall or at the face of footing.   
  • It also integrates with wall drainage more easily due to its able to fasten to the wall along with the vertical systems for higher drainage flow rates.


Got Foundation Leaks?

We can fix them! Even Active Leaks. Inside or Out. Cracks, Ties, Honeycomb, Etc.

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