If your project is deep enough in the ground to get into the water-table we can help.

There are two approaches to solving water table issues on your project

Mechanical pumping will be a maintenance cost and will only function if there is power to keep the motor running. It may be a less expensive approach up front but need to be maintained and replaced from time to time to ensure water free space in high water areas. Some pumps can be purchased with a backup battery and others with an alarm if pump needs to be replaced. TALK TO A PLUMBER OR EXCAVATOR NEAR YOU IF THIS IS THE SOLUTION YOU NEED.

Waterproofing underslab on the other had is a single purchase. If designed properly with the aid of an engineer, waterproofing can block water entry even in the most extreme cases from entering the home from under your floor. This does not mean you can stop maintaining the slope away from the home and route all water from the roof to the basement, but it does offer a manufacturer and installer warranty against water entry to keep your space free from water intrusion.

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