EnviroDri is a Liquid Weather Resistive Barrier / Air Barriers in the New Construction Residential Market: Vapor Permeable Fluid Applied WRB / Air Barriers help prepare for new energy goals by lowering ACH (Air Changes per Hour)

Better Protection at an Affordable Price.

Code Approved

It is code approved under any cladding system, simplifying wall assemblies and detailing.

Amazing Protection

EnviroDri seals every seam and joint of your sheathing giving you ultimate protection so you don’t have to worry about failures typical of sheet goods (house wraps / papers)

Common Energy Problems

Up to 40 % of home energy loss is due to air leaks. New codes will require homes to pass with a lower blower door test. Air infiltration is the leading player in energy efficiency. Air changes per hour has more influence on energy savings / “ROI” than improved insulation, windows, or appliances (ROI - Return On Investment). EnviroDri has proven results of lowering overall air infiltration and minimizing energy loss.

Key Points - Why You Should Use EnviroDri